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Random Tuesday

Reminder: GRAPEMO begins next Tuesday. There's still plenty of time to sign up. :)

Work news: Units combined again, new psychiatrist on board, and oh-what-fun-it-is-to-ride...

Book news: SAY THE WORD will be out in paperback on Feb 15th! I do love the subtles changes in the new cover:


Writing news: None. Waiting for revisions. Waiting for a title. Regardless of whether I use Grapemo for my revisions or for my current wip, I really need the month of February to Do Something besides play on Writers Net and watch Lifetime movies.

Eli news: Poor baby started limping a couple weeks ago. The vet can't tell if it's a tendon injury or if there is possibly something wrong with his hip, so he's scheduled for a full set of xrays under sedation tomorrow morning. In the meantime, pain pills and rest which means no running around. He's bored out of his skull and in my face every minute. Kind of like kids on snow days. :)

Other news: I dropped 5 pounds. *happy dancing*

Catching Up

Well. The holidays are over. My tree is still up, but since it folds like an umbrella, I should have no problem at all putting it away one of these days. It was a bittersweet Christmas, what with Matthew and Molly and the boys now living out of town. But I had my usual New Year's Eve shindig, and of course we celebrated Kosher Christmas on Jan. 7. Oh, yeah--my sister's side door was jammed, and when I, laden with bags and boxes, trudged around through the snow to her back door, I tripped on a step and landed on my face* because of COURSE she didn't think to shovel a path for me.  Luckily my spinach dip was in a plastic container (which broke).

* We agreed this was payback for when she tripped over my doggy gate and nearly busted her head open.

I am officially a Fall Risk. No more Life Alert jokes.

Inspired by newport2newport I'm going to try to spend more time here rather than on Facebook. It's true that once you stop blogging, people forget about you. I've pretty much given up Twitter, though I keep getting those "So-and-So is now following you on Twitter!" notices. I'm not sure who they think they're following, because it sure isn't me. :)

GRAPEMO begins on February 1st! Remember, unlike NaNo, all you need is a Personal Writing Goal to work on throughout the month. I hope a lot of you will join me. Soon I'll be working on edits for my YA paranormal (STILL UNTITLED!) but with any luck at all I'll also be writing. I'll post the particulars tomorrow.

I spent this afternoon catching up with an old friend--a guy I've know, literally, all my life but haven't seen him in 25 years. It's so amazing to hang out with someone who shares your history and who is not a family member. His parents and mine were very close friends. Looking at pictures of his mom and dad nearly brought me to tears because I have so many wonderful memories of them. Funny how chapters of your life may have closed ages ago; then, unexpectedly, they open right up again.

A school assembly I was supposed to attend in Dayton tomorrow was canceled (which is probably a good thing--it's snowing like crazy here!) so I have an extra day off  to catch up a few things I've been avoiding.

Like blogging!!! xx
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Random Monday

Busy weekend! No wonder my eyeball blew up (as noted in my flocked post). I chopped the down the rest of that tree and chopped 2 more fallen ones into nice little logs, though they're useless all covered in poison ivy. Now, what to do with them?

I also raked leaves with my neighbor's assistance--realizing too that that each time I bent over, he got an eyeful. Hmm... no wonder he's so helpful. (note to self: learn to dress for the job).

I had a new couch delivered along with a cocktail and end table. Funny how the cocktail table (when did they stop calling these "coffee tables"?) seemed an average size in the show room, but now that I got it home it's e-NOR-mous. On the bright side, less floor space to vaccuum. Or for Eli to barf on.

And I worked all weekend. The stress level there is sky-high, though the units are no longer combined. I do miss my friends from the other side.

No word about any further revisions on my Yet Untitled Paranormal. And I haven't done any serious writing in weeks. My stress level may also be directly related to this. Why didn't I at least try NaNo?

Today I'm off and catching up on notes to a friend's ms, interview questions, and friends' posts..

And a happy belated birthday to newport2newport . LOVE YA, GIRLFRIEND! xox

Random Wednesday

After doing so well for so long, Eli's barfing this a.m. Again, thank you, Lord, for giving me the good sense not to invest in new carpeting quite yet.

As our 2 units are temporarily combined, and staff is tripping over each other, I oriented to the detox unit last night. Which means I made it through 8 hrs without anyone cussing me out. Nice! :)

3/4 of the way through Rinn's first revisions.

Possible car shopping today. With 170K + on my mom-mobile, plus jerky brakes, plus the way it pretends to stall without actually stalling ("FAKE OUT! FAKE OUT! HA-HA-HA!") I seriously doubt I'll make it through the winter. What I want, I can't afford. What I can afford, I don't want. Will there ever be a day in my life when I can simply go out and buy The Exact Car I Want?
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How is it possible to find an ant in your house (actually crawling over your kitchen curtains) the size of your THUMB?

How is it possible to find a missing dog tag a year later...in your dog's MOUTH?

How is it possible to fall from a standing position on the back of the couch (I was hanging drapes) and land on the floor and not be dead? (Beth did not find this amusing in the least; Elijah, however, did)

How is it possible to live in such filth? I found eye drops that expired in 1999. I have stains on my carpet from my cat who's been dead for almost 3 years. I have mouse droppings in what-used-to-be-my-office-till-I-decided-I-need-a-place-to-hide-my-junk. If I had small children, DCS would be pounding at my door, warrant in hand.

How is it possible that, at this moment, I have NO INTEREST in figuring out how Rinn and Annaliese get out of their jam because all I want to do is scrub the inch-thick scum off my tub?


Random Blatherings

Yes, I am about to become a Tante again! My sister Mary is in labor and baby Rowan is on her way. :)

I'm praying very hard I get the day off from work.

I've started a synopsis. The more I write, the stupider it sounds. What happened to all the brilliant ideas that kept me awake at night?

Nothing like fighting with my husband over what we're going to watch at 8. He wanted NCIS (gag). I wanted American Idol. I had to wait till 9 p.m. to get my way...and then I fell asleep.

The reason I fell asleep is because I had a 2-day migraine and was drugged to the gills. This is the worst one I'd had since I missed Orthodox Christmas. I barfed in the car. Thank God for stray coffee cups. Elijah, in the back seat, was perfectly was appalled. How do you like it, dog?

New haircut: awesome!

Reading LIAR by Justine Larbalestier. My goal is to read 3 books a week. This makes # 3.

Got a retractable leash for Elijah for trips to the backyard to keep him from hauling me into the swamp. However, pulling him back in is like reeling in Jaws. Something tells me I'll need a shoulder replacement one of these days. 

Time to move.

Random Monday

1. Today is the day to sign up for JoNoWriMo: "It's a bit like NaNoWriMo, only you get an extra 1.5 months AND you don't have to write an entire novel. Basically, it's a time each year that a bunch of writers get together to support and encourage one another to meet a writing goal and/or finish a project." So get over there, dudes, and commit yourselves. Jo rocks. You'll love it!

2. It's official: I'll be signing books at the Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster, Ohio on November 7. Anyone in the area, stop in (if not, road trip!) It's an awesome book fair, so much fun. More on this later.

3. Thanks for all your support in regard to Saturday's Blogger-Reviewer Rant. Isn't there a website where you can post the worst-friggin-review you ever received? I think so. Anyone know where it is?

4. Beth and I visited Grandma and Miss R. yesterday. Party in the dining room, with a band that played polkas and Big Band music and the old standards you expect to hear in a nursing home. Grandma sang along, clapped her hand and wiggled her feet--and then got up and danced with her walker! I swear she hasn't danced in half a century (and this is the woman who could barely walk a year ago). Twice she paused in front of an elderly man, took his hands, and swung them in time to the music as if they were dancing in place. The old man beamed with pleasure, and all I could think was: so what alien from which planet kidnapped that infinitely crabby woman who drove me straight up a wall for years and years, and replaced her with Miss Congeniality, the queen of the ballroom?!?

5. Kanye West previously made an A-double-S out of himself by proudly displaying his lack of literary genius, among his numerous other antics that made the news. Now he's out-Kanyed himself with his horrendously disrespectful treatment of Taylor Swift at last night's MTV Music Awards.

Stun gun, anyone?
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Tuesday Blather, Cuz I'm Too Lazy to Post a Teaser

1. Tomorrow I'll post the winner of the STW/Amazon review contest. There's still time to get a review in. Also tomorrow, check out newport2newport's blog--she interviewed me! :)

2. Now that my paranormal is (essentially) finished and off to beta readers, I'm back to Linnea, who has been shelved all year. This is not a revision; like Rinn, it's a total rewrite. But now I face the dilemma of changing my MC's name.


Yep, one's gotta go.

3. What happened to My Life?

4. merricat_84 enjoyed "Coraline." This book is also stuck somewhere in the middle of my TBR pile. Sigh. It's never-ending, isn't it?

5. Dog puke. There, I said it again: PUKE. PUKE. PUKE. W-t-h is with this mutt? Aside from the fact that he considers everything within reach of his jowls perfectly edible, and that includes grass clippings. Yeah, I know he looks like a cow, but does he have to eat like one? Or, more accurately, a billygoat. Taking him for a walk is yet one more experiment in terror: "NO! LEAVE IT!" (I wrestle with his jaws, froth and grass and god-knows-what spewing) "Spit it out, you freakin' moron!" (grr, grrrr!)

6. sookie06's post reminded me that this is usually the time I do a Grapemo. Oops.

7. Isn't grinding your teeth a sign of extreme neurosis?
(me in 5 years)
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Thursday Thankful 5

1. Thank you, newport2newport for the review & contest for Say the Word. *smooch*

2. Thank you all for the new Amazon/Goodreads/Blog reviews!!

3. Thank you to the beta readers so far who've agreed to read my paranormal.

4. Thank God for Beth, trapped for hours and hours and hours with the boisterous, sock-eating, face-slobbering, furniture-jumping, butter-licking, toe-chewing, hair-pulling, shoe-grabbing, TV-barking, constantly-attention-seeking monster known as Elijah so Mom can write in peace.

5. Thank you, Rinn, for letting me finish your story. But seriously, girl--99,000 words???

XOX to all!!!

Random 5

1. Just survived my 5-day stretch at work. I beleive I'll rant about this in a later post.

2. saraclaradara mentioned me on her Magical Mystery Tour!

3. See Eli staked out in backyard. See nosy little Yorkie run in our yard, yap-yap-yapping, like: "Ha, ha, you're tied up and I'm not, la-la-la!" See Eli do his monster sized WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! and catapult after the shocked Yorkie, dragging the stake behind him, and chasing Yorkie straight back to his own house. Yorkie may be traumatized for life. Eli appears quite proud of himself. Not sure if the stake survived the ordeal.

4. I'm about 1/4 way through my hard copy revisions. I love Rinn's world. I want Rinn to make me rich. Light candles! :)

5. The problem with having a relative with Alzheimers is that she calls me twenty times a day because she doesn't remember the first 19 times she called. Yet she remembers the number. Go figure.

Off to Borders or I won't get anything done!