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A Wednesday Ramble...

Now that my Borders cafe is gone, I've been spending time at Panera's trying to get some writing done. The problem with Panera's is, they...

Serve. Food.


I'm chewing nicorette gum like crazy which doesn't really help my TMJ, but writing without cigarettes is like dancing without feet. At least I don't have bad breath.

I'm working on a proposal for a sequel to THE UNQUIET. It's iffy, but I figured I'd give it a shot. My self-imposed deadline personal writing goal is to have this wrapped up by the end up the month. Then I can look forward to...



Both SAY THE WORD and THE UNQUIET started out as NaNo novels. I'm going to try for a third. I don't know if it'll be this one, or something else. Anyone else doing NaNo? Huh? Pretty please?

Also, I'm still on my movie kick. Beth just found two movies we've been eager to see, and ordered them online. Probably no one has heard of them but us:






Probably next weekend we'll see CONTAGION and then maybe take a break for a bit before all this buttered popcorn gives us twin attacks. :)


Random Wednesday

This'll be Eli one of these days. He just barfed another rock 2 days ago. Dog Eats Nails

Yep, keep it up, mutt.


Yesterday, the predicated wind storm ("--the worst since the winter of '78," one weatherman predicated) never materialized. But after half a day of rain, this was the sky just before sunset:


Two minutes later I saw this over my garage:


For me, it was a thoroughly wasted day. I did nothing but lay around, watch TV (L&O SVU: I heart you) and make one trip out for dog food.

I'm thinking of doing NaNoWriMo but it all depends on the amount of revisions I have yet to do to my Still Untitled Paranormal. Plus this low fat diet is sucking every molecule of energy from my body.



Zokutou word meter
51,222 / 50,000

Except--OMIGOD!!!--if you look at my profile it says I have > 101,000 words!

I guess I hit "paste" twice, lol. Seriously, dudes, I did NOT write 100k this month. I'm fast, but not THAT fast. Yikes!

Self Pep Talk

I think I know what the problem is with this wip. Why I'm sitting here like a brain dead lump, going "Duhhhhhhhhh, duh, duh" for hours on end.

I'm writing in sequence. Rephrase: I am trying to write in sequence. Which means whenever I get to a certain part, and don't quite know what supposed to happen next, I freeze instead of jumping ahead. Unlike previous rough/first/insaneandincomprehensible first drafts, I have very few unfinished scenes. I only have several profanity-riddled notes to myself instead of my usual clusters of OK MOVE ON THIS MAKES NO ******* SENSE or THIS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS--GO BACK AND FIX LATER!!!!

This is not The Way to Be Creative.

Stern Notes to Self (and anyone else):

1. Do not feel you have to finish every scene. Jump ahead.

2. Do not feel you have to finish every conversation. Jump ahead.

3. Do not feel you have to describe every inner conflict, every emotion, and every frickin' detail in the room. Jump ahead to the scene You REALLY Want to Write! The end, if need be.

4. Quit checking the word count every 4 parapraphs (cuz I'm the only one who dies that, riiiight?).

5. Quit wondering what the word count will be by the time you finish.

6. Quit worrying that someone else already wrote this story (even though you just watched a trailer for an uncoming movie that looked suspiciously familiar to another story you toyed with)

7. Do not worry that you're not making sense because, frankly, you're not. Deal with it later.

8. Do not worry about the fact that you lost any sense of a time line 100 pages ago. That can be fixed.

9. Do not beat yourself up that you probably won't make 50K by the end of the month. Nobody will hurt you. I promise.

10. Remember what the word "revision" means. And how much you LOVE it.


Thanks. I needed that.

Did YOU?
baby cig


"It's good news for you now that you're back in the groove. Although you still may be required to work extra hard today, you are probably through the toughest part. Don't complain about what you have to do or you could make matters worse. The more you can enjoy yourself while doing your chores, the more success your efforts will bring.

Oh, I don't THINK so!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
29,500 / 50,000