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A Note About Copyedits

So I am on the last leg of my last copy edits and plan to finish up today.

It's amazing the mistakes you find. Not only the mistakes the copy editor finds (for instance, Rinn stops her bipolar medication--and then out of the blue, in the midst of her so-called experiment, she pops a pill--which pretty much kills what I was going for) but the mistakes you made.

Me: Rinn, after the power fails during her Christmas concert and she finds herself inexplicably alone in the school auditorium, she realizes the door to the pool room (Annaliese's hangout) is open.

A minute later, it's closed. Then it opens again.

Say what?


I've read this ms a thousand times and never noticed it. Even Awesome Copy Editor didn't pick up on it. But it hit me like a slap in the face when I read that part for the one-thousandth-and-ONE time.

Which kind of scares me.

What else did I miss???


Thank you, Stewie. I know.

Doggie Donut

For those of you who aren't following me on Facebook, I noticed a sore on Eli's paw a week ago. Not right on his paw, but a little above, not on an area that he steps on. Nobody is sure if he caught it on something, if it's an insect bite, or what. We took him to the vet on Saturday, he was put on antibiotics, the wound was cleaned any dressed...

And he is not allowed to go for walks or to go to camp.

This is a Very. Big. Deal. The mutt is going NUTS, and driving the rest of us nuts, too. He chews the bandage no matter how many times I rewrap it, and eats the tape. He gets into everything, and becomes very snarky if we try to take something out of his mouth. He's also gained pound from lack of exercise. We have to wrap his leg in plastic whenever we take him outside, and this whole ordeal has become one royal PIA.

So today we take him back for his follow-up appointment. Of course Beth and I are both hoping the dressing can come off since we're tired of tackling him every three minutes. Plus, we've been lucky: one of us has been home in the afternoon to keep an eye on him. Left to his own devices, I'm sure he'd tear the whole thing off in five minutes flat.

I hauled out the old donut this morning because Beth and I both have to work today (and my lips still taste like rubber from blowing it up). But the donut is pretty useless--Eli can still reach the dressing--though he's surprisingly good-natured about wearing it. Bitter Apple, unfortunately, doesn't slow him down one bit. He actually likes the taste.


Luckily I did manage to wrangle the day off (the units are combined again--oh, what fun!). I'm doubly happy because I have line edits to do which I need to get back to my editor by the end of the week. With any luck I can zip through them tonight.


I spent 3 hrs at a seedy little downtown McDonalds's waiting for Beth to get through her doggie CPR class, and managed to line edit about 40 pages,

Aside from the shabby old dude who bombarded me with about 17 Jehovah Witness tracts, it was a pretty good day.

(Melodye, I thought of you)

Strength in Numbers

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: onegrapeshy will also be doing Grapemo this year. :)

As most of you may have noticed, I've been lying pretty low the past couple months. The main reason for this is because I''ve been doing Very Extensive Revisions on my paranormal (which from now I'll simply refer to as "Annabeth"). "Extensive" because my agent had a lot of good suggestions, including the elimination of several POVs.

Which requires, uh, thought.

And planning.

And a hell of a lot of rewriting. So much so that I've actually upped the word count by 12-freeeeeaking-K.

(I know, I know...don't say it)


My PWG for Grapemo is--after I finish the last of these rewrites by the end of the month (oh, wait! I hear the sound of hysterical laughter! ...and I believe it's coming from my very own mouth... Stop it, I say!)--is to print the ms out on Feb.1st and spend the entire month working on a line-by-line edit. Seriously, I've been a-workin' on this thang since November 2008 (not including the earliest version I did for NaNo several years back). Enough is enough!

I neeeeed this. And I need you guys desperately for motivation--so thanks to everyone who's signed up so far, and thanks in advance to the rest of you who I KNOW can't resist!  xox


108,000 words. That's one hundred and eight thousand words.

Did you guess that I finished the first round of revisions today? Tomorrow I'll print it out, proof-read (haha) and edit by hand, then make the changes and send it off to my betas.

Who will die when they see it. Seriously: one hundred and eight thousand words?????

OK, on the plus side: that's still > 10,000 fewer words than Twilight.

On the minus side: that's almost as freakin' LONG as Twilight!

Somehow I need to knock off another 8,000.

My agent says a book is as long as it needs to be. She'll change her tune when her printer explodes.

I need Twizzlers bad. Or Tums. Or Twizzler-flavored Tums.

Excuse me. I have to go take out a loan to print this out at CopyMax. After my Valium.
sound of music

Things Are Looking Up!

Currently I'm in a love-love relationship with my ghost story. Revisions are going well. I'm wrapping things up.

I just wanted to write this down so that next week, or the week after, when I'm cussing Rinn out and ripping out bloody shreds of my hair and reaching for the nearest bottle of anything alcoholic and trying to sell my laptop on eBay to pay for a brand new heroin habit, I can read back over this and remember that I really, really DO love this story.

Thank you.


1. I've been having a TERRIBLE time with this ghost story revision. Somethng wasn't jelling, it drove me nuts, and I honestly didn't know how to fix it.Then, in a 7-hour writing marathon yesterday (after meeting another_wip  at Joseph Beth for coffee and writerly talk, I fixed it. I fixed it! Still, this is clearly the worst first draft I've ever slogged through and I still have a buttload of cutting.The good news it, it'll soon be ready to be read by my trusted betas. :) 

2. Not to bring my favorite subject up again, but Elijah barfed up an inch-long hunk of Busy Bone last night, so that's what I was doing at 2 a.m.--washing the cover to his pillow and scrubbing out his crate. Yes, they're digestable but you have to chew them, you dumb dog! Then he was up at 5 a.m. tfor breakfast. Needless to say I'm still not getting much sleep.

PS Thanks to susanwritesfor the bully stick idea, thought at $5.00 + apiece these are definitely reserved for a special treat (or to get his slobbery face out of my hair for a bit) ---beside which, I'm sure they're equal to a human consuming a dozen Krispy Kremes

3. My current TBR list includes:

NEED by Carrie Jones (now moved to the top)
BLOOM by Elizabeth Scott
PERFECT YOU by Elizabeth Scott
CASHAY by Margaret McMullan

4. I did a masochostic thing yesterday but I can't discuss it. No, it didn't include include pain. Yet.

5. I forgot to post about the Billy Joel/Elton John concert. Well, of course it was awesome even with our $100 nosebleed seats--although when Billy first walked onstage I didn't recognized him, and thought "What the heck is George Carlin doing here? Isn't he dead?"

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