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And yes, I requested the day off from work so I can watch the American Idol finale tonight. Not that I've seen much of the season thanks to my schedule, but my fingers are still crossed for Crystal.

I'd hoped to catch bits and pieces of last night's show--I worked on a different floor, one with a big screen TV across from the nurses' station--but the patients had TV Land on all night. "Take your pills and go to bed" just didn't fly for some reason. :)

AI: Lee DeWyse: "Halleluja"

I've been a huuuuge Crystal Bowersox fan since Day 1 of this season's American Idol.


AI has had waaaay better seasons and I figured Crystal's winning the competition would be a total no-brainer.

Then I heard this:

Now if I say I still think Crystal will win, I'll jinx the whole competition. Yes, I seriously have that much power--ask the Cleveland Cavaliers. :) :) :) So for right now I'm keeping my mouth shut.

Thankful Thursday + Serious DooDoo

I'm thankful for this positively stunning and beautiful and perfectly clear and sunny day!

I am not so thankful that I'm mired in doodoo as far as my revisions are concerned. I hit a soft, brown and highly malordorous spot yesterday, gave up, signed off, and watched American Idol and could not BELIEVE Syesha was in the bottom two while Dreadboy was safe. Poor Brooke looked stunned when she wasn't voted off. And then I watched my usual lineup of Glenn Beck (cuz he's smart and sarcastic, and, yeah, kinda hot) and Nancy Grace (though she is sooo on my nerves lately, and needs to touch up that gray hair, and keeps replaying the same annoying clips over and over, and sometimes I swear she can't tell the victims from the perpetrators esp. when it comes to this FLDS fiasco) and Showbiz Tonight (because, ya know, you just can't get enough of that Hollywood smut) and then passed out and slept till 0830.

As for the doodoo, I reeeeally need to pick up a shovel today.


I figured it'd be a toss-up between Kristy and Brooke. Actually, I like Brooke. I just wish I had her cell phone number so I could call her up and scream, "Ditch the piano! Ditch the guitar! This is a singing competition!" I think she'd do a lot better if she didn't hide behind an instrument every week.

But I found Kristy vaguely annoying all along. Tonight when she called Simon a "butt" she really showed her lack of maturity and grace. And what's this thing with her horse? Maybe I didn't hear the whole story. She sold her horse so she could enter the competition, and now that it's almost over she wants to buy it back? And the new owner refuses?

Huh, sooooo...ya sell your horse when he's an inconvenience and then buy him back when he's not. O-kay, no sympathy here, lol. Maybe she should get one of these instead:


Thankful Thursday

I am thankful Wednesday is over.

Grandma's appointment was at 2:45 p.m. I got home at 7:00 p.m. Trust me: that was my last field trip!

Other thoughts:

1. American Idol. Am I the only one who's not really impressed with anyone? Nobody "wows" me. But since I fell asleep in the middle of it, I might have missed something, no?

2. Does it crack you up when people say "Man, it's cold as hell!"? I said it myself this morning. Actually it's probably much colder than hell...

3. A local man--Bobby Cutts Jr. who murdered his girlfriend, Jessie Davis, and their unborn baby, Chloe--escaped the death penalty and will not be eligible for parole till he's 87 years old. Personally I think they should paste posters of Jessie all over his cell, top to bottom, so he can stare at her face for the next 50+ years. Jessie's mom stated she was relieved he didn't get this death penalty because she doesn't want Jessie and Bobby's other child, Blake, spending the next few years waiting for his father to be executed. My heart breaks for this family. Please don't click on this unless you're interested in the graphic details.

4. I may have to give up TV entirely till this election is over:

"Honey, put down that baseball bat!"

"Ma'am, please step away from the TV!"

"Mom, are you taking your meds? Can we come visit you soon? Do those shock treatments...hurt?"

5. No mole corpse yet. I keep sniffing.

Good-Bye, Melinda--for the moment!

Why I didn't freak out when Melinda Doolittle got kicked off last night:

1. I figured it would be Melinda and Jordin next week, so yes, of course one of them would have to go then.

2. Melinda, for sure, has already MADE it. Winning AI would be nice, but irrevelant at this point. This fabulous singer is already a S-T-A-R.

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American Idol

So, how DID they do this?

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I was stuck at work last night but managed to sneak into a few rooms to catch pieces of the show. Great guests, great music, but two hours of human suffering is a bit more than I can bear. God, I freak out when that animal commerical comes on (with Sarah MacLachan wailing in the background) and sad as this seems, I'm more affected by the sight of those trembling, terrified dogs and eyeless cats. Maybe because of all the human suffering I see every day? Or the fact that I was raised in an avid animal-rights atmosphere? Who knows? Anyway, that's one commercial I can't sit through--and that song's hideously annoying.

What was annoying about AI, too, is that nobody got bumped off. The only reason I don't feel cheated is because Jordin was safe. That girl is amazing!

I'm sitting here now pretty much wasting the day. I should be at Borders, but Grandma's sick so I need to run by the nursing home soon. Plus I'm making a chicken for dinner tonight and it's impossible to do that two miles away from the kitchen. I thought of saving the poor bird for tomorrow but it's already been roosting in my (clean) fridge since Monday and one more day might be pushing my luck. So later I'll hole up with my lap top and face a few major issues I'm having with Shawna--who, I suspect, will not be finished by the end of this month. Seems to me I overestimated myself. Jeez...after two years of revising and editing Before/After, apparently I forgot how hard it is to FINISH a new story. Sigh.