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Grapemo 2014 Day 28: FINALE!

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That is so often true. And there is nothing like support from other writers to motivate us to make time for our writing. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Here are the total monthly updates. If any of you sent one in and don't see your name on this list, please let me know. Or...if you didn't send's not too late to be added.


Akoss "As of today I've revised a total of six chapters this month.It's been great challenging myself to get something done even if it's not exactly what I planned at the beginning."

another_wip "TOTAL for GrapeMo.... lots and lots of edits, but for the stuff that really mattered: 11K on Khyr. Not all chapter words, but all necessary. And the end is in sight. It was a wonderful GrapeMo and as always I am thankful for the opportunity to take part. Thank you for doing this year after year."

edgyauthor "I completed nine strips for my webcomic, exceeding my original goal!"

fandoria "This week has basically threatened to be the death of me schedule-wise, but I did sneak in about 15 minutes to scribble in my notebook Wed night in between finishing setting up for an event and the time said event started.

"As for the month as a whole... I didn't manage to write for two hours every week (especially the last half) like I wanted, however, thanks to an abundance of free time in the first half of the month, I made awesome progress. The rest of the time, I had to learn to find spare moments here and there to steal. Good thing I always carry a notebook with me. So this month, I wrote 1 1/2 scenes and plotted out several more. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my Grapemo accomplishments."

Jenni: "I didn't quite meet my goal for the month, but close. I completed writing Dimensions, and have begun work on the final edits. Nearly halfway through! Extended planned release date for March 11."

Mialie S "Progress Report for the month:
~ Finished original goal of doing the layout for the Puppy Tails Book Two manuscript
~ Added an additional goal of doing the layout for Book Three and finished that
~ Continued publishing articles in the newspaper including the 71st and 72nd editions of "Puppy Tails", two wedding articles, and other misc.
~ Continued graphic design assignments for my city and the library where I work
~ Wrapped up the month in kid-lit fashion by knocking out nearly 1,000 new words of "Puppy Tails" Monday morning. I usually hate Mondays, but that one started out well."

newport2newport "This month has been great for introspection and revision. I've finally--FINALLY--figured out the structural issues in the first several chapters, and am fixing them. It's been time-consuming, but in the long run, I believe the time I spent tearing things apart and reassembling them (rinse, repeat) will inform the revision process for later chapters. Onward! And thanks again for hosting GRAPEMO. I love the focused energy & appreciate everyone's support."

onegrapeshy "I switched my goal in them middle of GRAPEMO from 50 pages to 25. I did manage, amazingly, to make it to 38. I can't tell you how much i appreciate everyone's enthusiasm, diligence, and moral support. It's been a GREAT WRITING MONTH! xox"

Patti M "For the month I am thrilled that I have 14 queries out for my YA sci if, a great start to my YA paranormal, and a couple of extra things. I wrote and submitted 3 articles for a travel magazine and started researching castle architecture for
the setting of my paranormal. I'm thrilled with grapemo and I would definitely do it again!"

Sher T "As of today for the month of February, I have written 46,103 new words and edited a complete 80,612 manuscript, as well as started edits on a second manuscript. Come on March GrapeMo! Thanks Jen. Hugs to all."

swhisted "I only added 7,922 words to Dreamsters (of the 10K I'd hoped to add). I guess if you count the 2K in plotting I wrote, I could technically say I pretty much met my goal, but I don't really mind my total as it stands either. It's far more than the month before, I closed up all the holes in the story, and I'm so close to the end now. It's hard to be mad at any of that."

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