Jeannine Garsee (onegrapeshy) wrote,
Jeannine Garsee

Grapemo 2014: BIG REMINDER

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Total monthly updates are due by midnight EST tomorrow (Thursday) night for posting on Friday. Feel free to add any comments when you send them in.

Also on Friday, every Teaser sent in this month with be thrown into a pot for a drawing! The winner will receive TWO prizes:

1. Your choice of one of these:

 photo prizefirestforthetrees.jpg

 photo prizezen.jpg

 photo prizeonwriting.jpg

2. Also a signed copy of one of my novels: THE UNQUIET, SAY THE WORD, or BEFORE, AFTER, AND SOMEBODY IN BETWEEN. Your pick, of course. Smiley

In the meantime, GOOD LUCK! I hope you reach your goals--and, if you don't, I hope you can say that you wrote much more this month than you might've written without GRAPEMO.

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