Jeannine Garsee (onegrapeshy) wrote,
Jeannine Garsee

Grapemo 2014 Day 24: MONDAY UPDATES

Last weekly update! I am so proud of you guys. Remember, tomorrow will be our last Teaser day, so send 'em in! xox

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another_wip edited 4K and wrote 8 pages of notes on revisions and plot holes, plus 3590 new words.

Akoss revised two chapters this week, which makes five revised chapters so far.

Cari D wrote 1300 words on her cozy mystery and has 3900 left to write reach her goal.

fandoria spent most of her time putting together a creative writing lesson on revision for her home school group, but did manage to get a few paragraphs written.

Elaine H wrote about 8,000 words this week.

Jenni "didn't write squat" and but plans to finish her edits by the end of the week.

kbaccellia went over a couple chapters and worked on a paragraph on what her story is about for her RWA on-line class.

Mialie S didn't write any more Doodle Dog stories, but wrote two wedding articles that were published on Friday. More Puppy Tails on the way this week.

newport2newport: "I'm still fussing with the structure of my present-tense chapters. Some day soon, everything's gonna click into place, I can feel it!"

onegrapeshy wrote approximately 5400 words this week.

Patti M sent out another query for her YA SF and submitted 3 weekend travel articles to a travel magazine. After taking a short break from her YA paranormal, she plans to get back to it this week.

swhisted wrote almost 2K in plotting to lay out the remainder of the book, plus added almost 3K to DREAMSTERS.

Sher T finished the complete rewrite and edits of SECRET INGREDIENT and sent it off, and is now back to KATE'S HOUSE, with edits of one chapter complete.
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