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The TEASER DRAWING will be held later today (I need an objective person around to draw the name, lol) and the WINNER will be announced around 6 p.m. (EST). If anyone still hasn't submitted their monthly progress reports, I'll be happy to add it later today.


Akoss: "Last week of February was rough on me but I've managed to get two chapters out of grapemo. "That's two chapters I didn't have in January. Thank you!!!"

another_wip: "I managed an average of 2 pages a day...some days were a lot more, some days nothing but critting or research. But since I only promised 1 a day... I am satisfied with 2. THIS Month (March) I am going to try to buckle down and aim for 500 words a day {no GrapeMo to keep me motivated...sigh. But I am determined to do it even if just for me!)"

barbarabaker "Can't believe February is over. I worked hard on revisions for one of my middle-grade novels and when I was finished I gave it to a reader whose judgement I trust. I got it back a few days ago. Overall it seems to be working -- just one major thing to work on, and that is not going to be too difficult. And the little things shouldn't take too long. So I'm working on it again, and I'm hopeful that I'll be done in a few weeks. I'm pleased with my progress toward my goals even though I didn't start the other ms. Grapemo was just what I needed. Thanks so much. Hope everyone else had a good writing month."

edgyauthor: "My goal for Grapemo was to complete twelve comic strips, which I barely managed to achieve on the 28th!"

fandoria: "This week, even though I've still been fighting killer allergies, I pushed through it and wrote every single day. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't let all my progress this month go to waste. I'm going to keep writing at least 15 minutes a day from here on out. Overall, Grapemo has been a huge success for me. The past two years have had huge life changes for me (starting to home school T, moving across the country, and then moving again 6 months later when we bought our new house) and writing completely fell to the wayside. I attempted a few times to pick it back up only to fail miserably. But now that my life is starting to settle down a bit, I decided Grapemo was the perfect vehicle to make writing a daily habit for me again. And it was. I haven't been as diligent about writing every day as I could have been, but I can say that I've written more this month than I have in two years. I'm thinking about writing more and more, my characters are starting to talk to me again, and I'm confident I can keep going even though Grapemo is over. Thanks for hosting Grapemo every year, for all the encouragement and support, and thanks to all the Grapenuts too!"

Kathie C: "Kathie C. -- my pwg was to write a rough draft for one chapter of my book on aging. I managed to write 2953 words, so I almost got there but have another section to write. But I'm happy and THANKS to Jen for providing the nudge and her time and encouragement; the month went FAST!!!"

kbaccellia: "I actually was able to do at least one chapter of revisions during the weekday this last month. It all kind of went down hill when our drainage pipe broke. Such a pain. I was so worried sick about the cost of repairs that I 'forgot' to send over some teasers!"

Laura B: "I've managed to piss off a NY Times bestselling author and her fans. I've probably written about 2000 words for the whole month. I'm moving to Arizona in June and I'm freaking out."

lizjonesbooks: "Due to unforeseen life craziness, I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but I did bookmap the whole darn novel!!!! Woo hoo!! And while I still have a bit of historical information to add here and there, I can already see that this is going to strengthen the final product, and allow me to focus in more intensely on language and style during the writing itself, rather than getting hung up on every page by which event to put in next, as is my usual writing pattern. So.... thank you, Grapemo! :D"

melissawyatt "My goal was "a good start" on a new project. I finish Grapemo 2013 with three chapters of a new YA that I'm pretty happy with. I'm definitely going to call it a good start because I'm getting a feel for where the story could go, getting a feel for the voice but most importantly, I am already in love with my MC. Coming out of a year of not writing much of anything at all due to some serious professional discouragement, I feel like I have my writing feet under me again. Grapemo came around at just the right time when I had made some firm resolutions and Grapemo provided a welcome platform to declare myself back in the game. Thanks to Jeannine and congratulations to all of the Grapemo participants for having the courage to put one word in front of another. Keep on keeping on!"

Michelle H: "Well... this month I moved my mother-in-law into assisted living, helped my father-in-law prepare for open heart surgery, filled out the FAFSA with an 18-year-old, helped my husband dig through receipts to prepare our taxes, had a houseguest, did a magazine interview at my home, delivered a kid (the goat kind), and those were just the out-the-ordinary things that fell into my lap while working part time and dealing with the daily crises that come along with two teenagers, one college student, a house and a farm. It’s a miracle, but... I did accomplish some writing! Per my goal, I dusted off the old WIP, reread it, and decided to let it gather a little more dust. As a result, I got a decent start on a new project that’s been tugging at my heartstrings for a good while. It’s starting to take shape before my eyes, and although that shape is a bit blob-ish right now, at least it has some form, which is more than I could say at the start of the month. Thanks for the nudge! It’s been Grape!"

Neva F: "Feb 24th (sun) - 1 hour; Mon: 2 hrs 30 min; Tues: 1 hour; Wed: 3 hours;Thurs: 1 hour (so far, but sticking with it); Total for the week: 7 hours and 30 minutes; TOTAL FOR THE MONTH: week 1: 11 hrs 30 min/ week 2: 9 hrs/ week 3: 17 hrs 45 min/ week 4: 7 hrs 30 min = 45 hours and 45 min (wow, easy to remember... lol)! Yes, I did meet all my goals... Dusted off an old ms, made new and hopefully improved changes, and most importantly, got to read snippets from the group and that gave me great pleasure..."

onegrapeshy: "Although I came in right under the wire, I did manage to revise all my proposal pages, completely revamp the synopsis, and send both off to be reviewed by my agent. This was SO DIFFICULT for me to do for many reasons, not the least of which was old killernazidoll lurking in the wings. Another prior commitment, an upcoming workshop, also took up a great deal of my time. More than once I thought I'll NEVER get all of this done! yes, there were some pretty hairy moments to be had. But all of you inspired me just as much as you say I've inspired you--and that's why I love doing Grapemo each year. For that--thank you!"

Sher T: "While I didn't completely finish first edits on all fifteen chapters, I did finish first edits on 13 chapters, and final edits on six. So, all in all not terrible. Plan on finishing the last 2 chapters on Saturday, and the final edits by next Thursday, and if all goes well, God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll send this sucker off on Friday next."

swhisted: "With a low workload at work again this week, I was able to add an additional 3,079 words to Dreamsters in the past four days. That brings my total Grapemo word count to: 15,697 words!!! It’s hard to believe that in the first few days of the month, I was worried I’d have a hard time reaching my 5K goal now that I’ve tripled it. Grapemo gave me the push I needed to get into the meat of this story and now I can’t imagine stopping until it’s complete. I have this pleasant feeling of accomplishment that I haven’t had for a long time and I’m really grateful for Grapemo playing a part in it.I wish it wasn’t over, but I already can’t wait to participate again next year!"

Vickie M: "Yes, I met all my goals. Have some critics that seem to be taking a lot of time with my book. I think this a positive sign that I will have some help. Then, I edited a good bit myself, basically changing the tenses to the present. Going to put this altogether and see how it works. There was a big time lapse from when I started writing it, to continuing it much later, basically finishing it now. Thus, the constant shift of tenses. Lastly, as mentioned before, I am isolating paragraphs like we did for the teasers, and this is a great help in editing. The best part of the group was the teasers. Feels so good to see it all in print, and read what others are doing. And that's about it. : }}}"
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