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Grapemo 2013 Weekly UPDATES

Here we are at the start of WEEK 3 and the Progress Reports are in! Thanks for all the replies. For those of you who may feel a bit guilty about not getting much done--as you can see, neither did I. I mean, like...zero. It was one of those weeks where I mostly read over what I'd done, didn't care much for it, agonized over what to do...and then did nothing.

Doing nothing sucks. Therefore, instead of "wondering" what to do and wasting another a week, I'm just going to continue on from where I left off, finish the damn revisions (the basic in-your-face stuff) and worry about the rest later. Otherwise I'll be spending another week staring at my computer and looking utterly stoopid.

Congrats to the rest of you!
(Don't forget Teaser Tuesday tomorrow!)

Akoss: "I'm happy to report that I managed to meet my daily word count goal for this week. I even got a full chapter out of it so I'm pretty excited. :)"

another_wip "Well, I didn't get to write yesterday...but all in all the week evened out to just over my goal. Not great progress...but steady. Finished a chapter."

barbarabaker "My goal was to finish revisions on two middle-grade manuscripts and to start a new story. A few days ago I finished ms. number 1 and gave it to a writing friend to read. I've just begun work on the second ms. And I think I can finish it in time to meet my deadline. But I'm going to forget the new ms. for the time being. I need to concentrate on doing a good job on ms. 2, which is a very different kind of story for me, and a definite challenge."

edgyauthor "I finished two more comic strips. I only have seven more to go to reach my goal!"

fandoria "I didn't get any writing done on Friday or Saturday, but I did write M-Th for a total of about 3 1/2 hours and 2,000 words."

Kathie C. was ill all week and did not work on her aging book but she will be BACK to work this coming week!

lizjonesbooks "I've had a pretty horrible week, but managed to bookmap another two chapters of my novel. So I guess that's something!"

melissawyatt "Only managed 300 words this week. A busy week at the day job and the deadly doubts crept in. Going to beat the deadly doubts to death this week!"

newport2newport "Although I'm a little behind, I plan to play catch-up this week. And with that in mind, I KNOW I'll complete my Grapemo goals on time. Fly, fingers, fly! Gonna get that book map done!"

Neva F. "Sun (Feb 10th) 45 min; Mon 2 hrs; Tues 1 hr 45 mins; Wed 30 mins; Thurs - ZERO; Fri 3 hr; Sat 1 hr 30 mins; TOTAL 9 hrs... but, better than nothing... right?"

onegrapeshy "I took a second look at the revisions I'd already done and that was pretty much it. I need to make more changes and I'm kind of banging my head against the wall..."

swhisted "I had a busy week that didn't allow much time for writing, but luckily a successful weekend finishing this week with 1859 words. I've surpassed my Grapemo goal of 5K by a little more than 400 words at this point. For the remainder of the month, I'd like to shoot for an additional 1K a week."

Vickie M. "I found another critic. So second person is reading it, and then two to go. I'm making it a young adult, like my first critic suggested."


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Feb. 18th, 2013 05:23 pm (UTC)
Way to go, everyone! Keep up the hard work! :D
Feb. 18th, 2013 07:28 pm (UTC)
So much progress! Here's hoping all us grapenuts accomplish even more this week! *\o/*
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