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I don't often post reviews (I'm not sure why I don't...I just don't) but I really loved this one from Cynthia on Goodreads:

"I love a really great ghost story. I’m a fan of those where the author is not afraid to kill off a couple of characters and The Unquiet definitely surpassed my expectations. It was more of a thriller than a ghost story as we don’t really see a ghost in the story through most of it but crazy things begin to happen from the start after Rinn moves into town. It’s definitely not one you should be reading at night before going to sleep, I started thinking I could hear creaking noises and seeing shadows on the wall.

"The creepiness of the story seeps out and will give you chills. I love stories like that, ones that will get so descriptive, where the main character herself can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination so the reader doesn’t even know what’s real or not.

"It makes you crazy trying to guess what the heck is going on and also eager for the time when all truth will be revealed. I was able to pretty much put two and two together and figure out why the ghost was only haunting certain people, it was frustrating that Rinn had such a hard time figuring it out when it was so obvious to the reader.

"The Unquiet wasn’t just a creepy ghost story, there was also a bit of romance. We have Nate who’s a charming small town boy, a good guy that and we get to see a lot of him at the beginning of the novel. I enjoyed the funny dialogue between him and Rinn as they get to know each other. Unfortunately he does disappear for about half of the novel when Rinn begins to get obsessed about the ghost in her school and spends a lot of time with her new friends. This book should’ve come with a warning to not get attached to any of the characters in the story. There were quite a few shocking things that I didn’t see coming which made me flip the pages even faster, I finished this in one day which is kind of hard for me to do lately but that’s how hooked I was to it. Sleeping is for wimps! Even though the pacing slowed down a bit in the middle of the book I still enjoyed it a lot and the ending is not a happily ever after for everyone involved but it was a good one that left me with my mouth hanging open. Eeeek! If you want something to creep you out this Halloween or just any dreary day during this winter season then The Unquiet is a must read.

Thank you, Cynthia!

I hope my current NaNo project is equally creepy. Better yet, creepier.

I'm addicted to creepy. And speaking of creepy, this came in the mail:

books DOLLS

So hopefully I'll learn how to do something about this poor girl's head:

new doll 4


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Nov. 10th, 2012 05:27 am (UTC)
Great review! I loved the "sleeping is for wimps" part. I can relate to it a little too much, haha. I hope my reading slump ends soon so I can finally read this book myself!

Good luck fixing that doll's head! That book will no doubt be helpful. :)
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