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A GREAT review and a Word About Rinn...

A great review for THE UNQUIET by TEEN LIBRARIAN TOOLBOX which pretty much nails the storyline:

"...A very important part, of course, of The Unquiet is Rinn's mental health issues. In this particular instance, Rinn is being medicated for being bipolar. Something happened on the West Coast because of her bipolar issues, and that is one play on the idea of haunting. In fact, each chapter heading is a countdown of the numbers of months and days that have passed since that event occurred; it is so significant to the life of Rinn that it is now how she measures time. And in the end it weaves its way into the other haunting, which is the other part of the story.

Years ago, the body of Annaliese was found floating in the pool of the local high school, the very high school where Rinn now attends school. She is said to haunt one very particular hallway of the school and strange things begin to happen to the people who go into that hallway. Annaliese seems to be especially targeting certain people, including Nate and Rinn.

In the end, Rinn decides that the only way she can find out what is really happening is to go off of her medication, with the premise being that the medication is somehow dulling Annaliese's ability to communicate with her..."

I love when a reviewer totally "gets" the story. Thank you!

Lately I'm finding reviews where this biggest issue seems to be: how could Rinn be friends with such a nasty bunch of girls?"

It's pretty simple. Rinn has no friends. She hasn't had any "real" friends for the longest time because her erratic behavior scares people away. So when Meg invites her into her small circle of friends, Rinn is positively thrilled.

True, these girls might not be the nicest bunch in town. Meg is sweet, though she changes gradually once Annaliese gets her hooks into her. Lacy's the bitch of the group, and no, Rinn is not fond of her. But Tasha's a hoot, and always the first one to call Lacy out on her bitchiness. Cecilia might've become good friends with Rinn, but Lacy treats her like crap and Rinn isn't strong enough to ditch her core group and join ranks with Cecilia. It happens all the time. She simply wants a circle of friends, which, in her mind, will prove she is "normal" enough to be liked by others. And she is human enough to feel torn, and angry that she is expected to "choose" between Cecilia and Meg, Tasha, and Lacy.

Believing that Rinn would NOT be friends with this group of girls--really, she feels they're like a gift to her, handed over on a silver platter--is the most unbelievable thing of all.


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Jul. 10th, 2012 10:10 pm (UTC)
That is a great review! I questioned Rinn's falling into that group. Tasha, I can see because of their moms. But it gives me something else to think about!
Jul. 13th, 2012 04:10 pm (UTC)
I also wanted to avoid the old "new girl in school doesn't fit in and doesn't make any friends" trope :)
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