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Grapemo 2012 Say 13: UPDATES

afraclose is changing her goal to find a workable writing schedule before the month is up. "I can't seem to keep up the momentum of writing every day, and I end up burned out and just feeling guilty."

anywherebeyond wrote 3k, "so 29000/50k to go!"

boothyisawesome "only did 158 words this past week, but life kinda got in the way. Hopefully nothing will happen this coming week and I can get more done."

Cari D didn't get as far as she wanted to this week and had no time to do any teasers, but "I did type the rest of Chapter 9 and get 1200 words into Chapter 10." She hopes to finish Chapter 10 by the next check-in.

catherine_james "Goal #1 revision: Focus writing the stories with more fleshed out characters, while conducting interviews w/anyone of significance. Goal #s 2 (turns out I didn't need the synopsis, but it helped clarify a few w.i.p. details) & 3 (workshop was FANTASTIC!!!) completed."

edgyauthor: "I added over 800 words to my current WIP."

fandoria got about two hours of writing in this week and is still reading through her WIP on her Kindle.

Jean D had a VERY productive week. "I'm plugging along on my dinosaur poems and have surpassed my original goal of 25-28 poems. I've got a pretty solid 30, with some minor tweaking still to do, and a few more ideas to kick around!"

Kathie C revised her goal to "nail down a reasonably final Table of Contents; do a final [for the proposal anyway] edit on 2-3 chapters already written; complete a rough draft OR the lecture that will form the base for Chapter 7." In the meantime, she developed a hopefully final table of contents and organized the whole book. She also reviewed two chapters to be edited and revised, and continued to research and lay groundwork for Chapter 7.

kbaccellia finished up her outline and send it off to her publisher! She also revised two chapters and plans to do her "one chapter per day this week." Her regional RWA chapter meeting on Saturday really motivated her.

Kim V is finishing up Chapter Six of Canal Boy--huge progress because "before GrapeMo started I only had the idea for the story and nothing down on paper." her idea of where the story was headed changed as she began the writing process: "I've never written a historical fiction novel before. I had done some preliminary research, but as I began writing, I discovered that I was getting hung up on so many factual things. I've been doing more research and scaling back on the writing. However, I feel good about the direction this book is going."

onegrapeshy revised about 50 pages into what she thinks may finally be readable by others, and plans to continue her goal to complete a decent full first draft.

x_think_twice edited/wrote up to 10681 words.


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