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LOTS of great work going around here on last week! Thank you all for your updates. One week down and three more to go, bringing all of us closer to our personal writing goals!!!  

catherine_james fully outlined the first chapter of B&T and the beginning of chapter two; started writing chapter one & though she didn't get far, “I was very happy with what I wrote.” After reading two statements, on two separate blogs about writers focusing on projects which stir their passions, she realized her heart isn't really in either of the W.I.P.s she chose. Her updated PWG: writing 1,000 words a day set in her super-screwy, Gothic/magical/topsy-turvy world and completing all her outstanding book reviews before February 2011 is over. She’ll also use her outline to finish the first & second chapters of B&T this week.

daretoimagine (formerly Donna): So far so good—1,549 words. “I know not all of them are good, but not too shabby.” :)

edgyauthor added a couple hundred words to her YA fantasy WIP.

[info]fandoria wrote one sentence on Tuesday, half a scene on Wednesday and one paragraph on Friday—“not much, but I did write 3 days this week.” 

inknbeans worked herself into a corner rewriting chapter two (something that worked in the contemporary version did not work in the historical version) so she had to back up and go at it from another angle. “It was fun!”

“I'm pleased to say I stayed on track this week. I revised a chapter, removed the dross, beefed up the conflict and added about 1K in new words.” hasn’t done much of anything because of a HUGE freelance project that has taken over her life, but she is determined to work on my WIP tonight. “Thanks for keeping us honest.” :-) 


JEAN D: “--*&^())*)(( you, Grapemo :O)!”—convinced herself that she did not need to write a stellar piece, “I didn't even need to write garbage, I just needed to write. And I DID!!” She wrote every day of the week, save one when she was working on a (paying!!) freelance article instead. So she is on her way again and hopefully over a major hump.


KATHIE C went over the lengthy critique she got from the “famous” writer in her genre (“Which I finally understood!:-)”) and began revisions. She also worked out the major aspects of her alternative world, wrote several pages mapping it out. “What I did NOT succeed at was trying to figure out how the mc knows nothing about the backstory of the guy who's bullied her forever…” 

wrote an average of 300 words a day. “I'm keeping track of my daily writing using Marlene Perez's idea of putting each days accomplishments on an Excel spreadsheet” and she’s hoping to write at least 500 words a day next week.

learningtoread read some of her ms and got a "not-sucky draft" of her query letter down!

LAURA H surpassed her goal this week! “I like the idea of having to be accountable here, it actually helps more than I expected.” She says "it's not even a sense of dread, but like I don't want to let the group down...whatever works, right?” RIGHT!

fixed some story problems on two scenes and started a new scene.

merricat_84 spent the week researching the kitsune, the mythical creature in her WIP.

managed to completely rewrite the first six pages of her ms in spite of being sick. :( She still needs to reintegrate small bits of material from the four pages she cut. BUT, in addition to my chapter work, “I finished a two week query writing workshop on Friday and now have a pretty kick ass query. I'm not sure why I didn't add that to my PWG for last week.” Despite being sick, she got quite a bit done. :D PWG for this week: to continue on with my revisions and keep trying to shave word count. “Starting the 14th of this month I've signed up for a Synopsis Workshop, so I may add that work in to my weekly goals as well.”

located a genealogist who's helping her untangle her family tree AND confirm her memoir timeline. “Very cool, the things she's found!”

“a slow start - I wrote 3 out of 5 days. I could blame it on the Blizzard of 2011, but I won't. I'm just glad I'm writing.” :)

onegrapeshy decided to abandon WIP #1 and instead concentrate on WIP #2...which she is deathly afraid to open.

ophelialaughs goals were to keep at least five queries in the works, and she still have 8 out there, and also to write a scene from Voices, which she hasn't yet looked at.  "I'm not sure if the entire premise sucks or if I'm just too run down to care, but I still plan to write that scene...eventually."

revised her PWGs a bit. Here’s her update for the first week:
1) Arrange notes and print out
2) Write the two myths I have begun drafts for
3) Plan characters better
4) Start re-writing the beginning

wrote 3 pages a day...which is one complete chapter, and also lots of details for the overall story which she is "happily adding, tweaking, and generally enjoying the added depth and clarity they provide."

completed 20,000 words of editing! Woo.

Patti M is "HAPPY to say that I have met my Goal: 4 hrs. work ea. day = 28 hrs total."
She plans to CONTINUE writing 24 hours per week--and NO FUDGING! :)

shoebrera "I've received two more helpful crits and am revising Chapter 1 -- again."


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Laura Conant Howard
Feb. 8th, 2011 02:13 am (UTC)
I wish I were Linda Howard, isn't she a published author extraordinaire?
But, alas, it's just I, Laura Howard, for now :)
Congrats y'all for a great week!
Feb. 8th, 2011 07:45 am (UTC)
I am SO sorry. WTH did I get Linda from? I'm changing it immediately.
Feb. 10th, 2011 07:27 am (UTC)
Wow, so much progress this early in Grapemo! GO GRAPENUTS! *\o/*
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