January 25th, 2015



It seems quite a few folks have moved their blogs over to

 photo gif no conspiracy cat.gif

So I decided to give WordPress one more shot myself.


 photo ahslaughinggif.gif


Seriously, WordPress peeps--can anyone there (without a free account) tell me how to change the frickin' font? Apparently it's impossible without paying for an account and/or buying a particular theme (not sure which one) and I'm not paying for something I'm not even sure I'll use because A. I'm not crazy about learning a new system, and B. my blogging history has been dismal to non-existent. Besides, I'm already paying for this one. :p

The font, of course, isn't the only reason I don't like WP. I'm not equipped to deal with the learning curve. I've spent weeks and weeks trying to create a blog (and I don't even want to think what's involved in moving this one over there) and, frankly, my soul has been sucked dry. WP doesn't like me much, either. WP, in fact, seems to hate my royal guts and has proven it over and over and over again. I've tried to make amends. Really. I have.

Now this is what I'd like to do to WP:

 photo gif.baby jane beating up blanche.gif

BUT as GRAPEMO is coming up on February 1st (and this year we'll probably do it on Facebook, which MAY be easier once I figure out the logistics) I decided I'd better show up for my own party.