July 15th, 2010


Attention Literary Agents! Don't Pass this One Up! ;)

From Craigslist (courtesy of Kathie who sends me her Gems of the Week)::

Agent wanted for talented author

I am currently looking for an agent to handle my affairs with
publishers. You need to be absolutely qualified and have experience in
this field, with a resume and a portfolio of people you have helped
publish in the past.

You must know that I do not pay you up front for my work you get paid
when I get paid and my writing is published. I have done a lot of
research so please no gimmicks. you either want to do it and love it or
you just are not qualified for the job. very simple.

I am a laid back guy, and I love to write and may have a lot of ideas
for other books outside of my specific genre, are you ready to tackle
this task if so contact me here. If you try one over on me and or
attempt to steal my work which is copy written Then the laid back just
does not apply

Hmm, I wonder how many hits he'll get.

I'm guessing...