Jeannine Garsee (onegrapeshy) wrote,
Jeannine Garsee

Another Loooong Day

All I can say is: FAT FREAKIN' CHANCE.

OK, I like mornings. It's my most creative time of day. But NOT to have to make myself look human, get into the car, and drive anywhere.

When I was in high school I used to keep my alarm clock in the kitchen. The only way I'd get up in time for school was to have to jump out of bed and race downstairs to slam off the msuic. My parents did NOT appreciate waking up in the morning to "Bennie and the Jets" blasting full volume.

This morning my TWO alarm clocks went off fifty-seven times before I finally crawled out of bed at 6:30. I showered but didn't bother to wash my hair. Yes. I went out in public with DIRTY HAIR.

Sometimes I gross my own self out.

I left the house at 7:02 and

1. stopped for gas
2. drove to work and arrived at 7:50
3. went to my PCI class where I learned I am so not allowed to kick anyone in the nuts even if they're beating the sh$t out of me
4. left at 4:25 still wondering if I'll be able to not kick somebody in the nuts--I mean, we are talking self-presevation here
5. drove directly to the grocery store, got there at 5:05, and loaded up
6. came home, unloaded groceries at 5:30
7. threw a chicken (unnamed for a change) into the oven
8. blogged and surfed and emailed till 8:00
9. ate chicken
10. baked cookies from 8:30 till 9:15
11. ate cookies
12. began writing this post as I'm watching South Park

How can I possibly still be awake?

Oh! Beth and I went to see The Eye. We were supposed to see Juno because it's one of the Oscar nominees. But both of us were in the mood for "scary" and we LOVED the Gin Gwai, the original version.



Do. Not. Waste. Your. Money. The best part of the movie was when the MC was having all those visions that no one else could see and she became completely paranoid and depressed. It kind of opened my eyes to some of the things my truly paranoid patients experience. I can't imagine living through that kind of terror, and having no one believe you.

But as for the rest of the movie...bleaughhh! Talk about a lame, cop-out, totally Hollywood ending.

To tell the truth, the film lost me right off the bat when they expected me to believe that this American girl received a bilateral cornea transplant from a dead girl in some obscure little Mexican village. Yeah, I'm so sure that peasant girl was on the national registry. Puh-leeease!
Tags: movies, rant
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