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Winds of War, Cont...

So Briny and Natalie make it out of Warsaw. Briny heads to Berlin to meet up with his folks while Natalie hightails it to Stockholm. Later they meet up again, back in Italy, where Natalie's Uncle Aaron is being warned to GET OUT OF ITALY (as all his ex-pat Jewish-American neighbors have already done).

Pipe Dude sends Natalie a letter, asking her to marry him. In a letter. Really.

Briny says great. He's obviously not feeling it.

Natalie says she's not sure she wants to. Briny looks stupid. Natalie gets exasperated: "I'm in love with YOU, dummy!"

Briny swoons.

Kiss, kiss.

Natalie: Oh my. This will never work.

Briny sadly walks away. Natalie stops him, because WAIT, she loves him. But NO, it won't work. So he starts to walk away (sadly) again. She stops him again. Briny is confused. Back and forth: I love you. Go away. Wait. Come back. Why are you such a wimp? Why do you do everything I tell you to do?


Beth is horrified that I'd advocate domestic violence.

Me: "I meant metaphorically SPEAKING. She's begging him to put her in her place."

Briny then asks Natalie to marry him.

That's how he's going to put her in her place, I guess.

Briny is an idiot. I couldn't stand to be in the same room with that woman for thirty seconds, let alone a lifetime.

 photo windsofwarbandn.jpg

Then again, they might not have much of a lifetime. This can't turn out well for either of them.

End of our current round of DVDs. Now we have to wait for NetFlix to deliver the rest.


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